Safety Program

Safety Program


The main objective of this program is to undertake and minimize all incidents and accidents during the execution of job. To be functional and responsible in all kind of programs insist procedures outline. With safety and loss prevention program, it initiates self-awareness among personnel’s and its Management, Supervision and Workers.

Safety Policies:

                “Human Life is visible and inter-act. It is visible when unexpected things happen, and it prevent inter-action when things already done. Life is the most important asset of all mankind.”

Mohammed A. Al Qurman Gen. Cont. Est. believes that all accidents and incidents can be & shall be prevented. This requires a pro-active involvement of all persons throughout all phases of the projects.

·   Provide Orientation about awareness, duties and responsibilities and safety prevention policy before designation.

·   Explicit statement and follow Health Safety and Environment Plan during the procurement phase.

·   Safety and awareness in the construction activities

·   Maintain an adequate measure for safety health and comply.

·   Initiate Disciplinary actions during recklessness

·   Responsible for implementing and developing training program for all its personnel.

·   Use Proper manual technique or obtain assistance.

·   Provide all proper tools, equipment’s and materials in safe working conditions.

·   Require its contractor, supplier and others to adhere company’s loss prevention policies and goals.

·   Evaluate and eliminate safety risk prior to operation or activity.

·   Reports all incidents to review and implement actions.

·   Good housekeeping and Inspection regularly are efficiently and effectively preventive on safety policy.

Mohammed A. Al Qurman General Contracting Est. are Environmental Free and Friendly Organization.