QA/QC Program

QA/QC Program

“To our valued clients”

The quality control and assurance program of MOHAMMED A. AL QURMAN GEN. CONT. EST. is complying the Project Standards and contract specification of the client.

The quality control and quality assurance of the project will be applying throughout the beginning and the completion of the project.

Inspection and approval of quality program produces appropriately in all operations. Subject for client audits or internal audit within the guidelines of approved QA/QC plan and procedures. Proper implementation will be ensured by the engineering department and site personnel.

MOHAMMED A. AL QURMAN GEN. CONT. EST. management are maintaining and effect of construction quality control program and the responsibility to uphold the highest quality standard during the construction stages.

Based on MOHAMMED A. AL QURMAN GEN. CONT. EST. experience gained during the last eight years of construction business, the construction operation needs

  • Qualified, motivated and dedicated manpower.
  • Reliable and dependable construction equipment’s.

MOHAMMED A. AL QURMAN GEN. CONT. EST. and the management are emphasized to execute the project in professional manner and in high quality standard value is our main goals and objective.