Electrical Engineering

Construction / Reinforcement and Maintenance of Overhead Transmission Line Works include surveying, excavation, tower foundation, tower assembly, erection, Wire pulling, wire sagging, clipping, and wire spacer, dead ending, installation of early warning aviation system like ballizor lump and spherical ball. After completion of installation we are doing the testing and commissioning from 13.8kv, 34.5kv, 69kv, 132kv, 230kv up to 380 kv. All works are doing base in the client scope of work and standard safety procedure like from ARAMCO, SCECO, SABIC, ROYAL COMMISSION, MARAFIQ and PETRO CHEMICAL. Construction / maintenance of substation which are consisting of transformer from 3000 KVA up to 120mva, SF6 type switch gear, ring main unit, UTS, UPS, disconnection switch, capacitor coupling voltage transformer, SF6 outdoor circuit breaker, ground resistor, aluminum bus bar Ct transformer, Pt. transformer and underground cable consisting of duct bank, manhole, hand hole, cable tray and conduit pipe.
Aside from electrical, Al Qurman Gen. Const. Est. is also knowledgeable in installation of all kind of anticorrosion system or Cathodic Protection System, consisting of installation of deep anode bed, vertical anode, negative & positive cable, splice box, junction box, rectifier and power supply from solar system.